L’evoluzione negli anni

The Eras of G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe first went into action in 1964 and lasted until 1976 when he was phased out as a full 12″ figure. I do not consider Super Joe, Intruders, or Defender as true vintage G.I. Joes. By this time in G.I. Joe’s history, he was shrinking and losing articulation at a rapid rate in order to save money. I also don’t consider the 3 ¾” G.I. Joe to be G.I. Joe at all. For me, the vintage era of G.I. Joe spans from 1964-1976 and he never sees the light of day again until 1991.


G.I. Joe

Action Sailor/Soldier/Marine/Pilot


Action Soldiers of the World


G.I. Joe Nurse


The Adventures of G.I. Joe

Moved away from the military theme.


The G.I. Joe Adventure Team

G.I. Joe now has life-like hair and beard.


The G.I. Joe Adventure Team With Kung-Fu Grip

G.I. Joe now has life-like hair, beard and a Kung-Fu grip.


G.I. Joe Mike Powers Atomic Man

G.I. Joe now has Mike Powers with bionic leg, bionic arm, and bionic eye.


G.I. Joe Eagle Eye

G.I. Joe is now included with eyes which move left to right via a small lever in the back of his head. Also introduced during this time are Bullet Man, Defender, Super Joe and the Intruders.



G.I. Joe shrinks to a 3 ¾” size.


Hall of Fame – Target Duke

G.I. Joe returns with life-like hair, but drastically reduced articulation (see Hall of Fame following). This year was a joint TARGET – HASBRO venture only and really re-introduced GI Joe to the American consumer and collector.


G.I. Joe Hall of Fame

G.I. Joe officially returns in a 12″ size, but with the mission of the 3 ¾” figures. Each figure is a different face sculpt. The vintage head does NOT return. Articulation is very limited. Arms and legs bend in 2 or 3 settings while the waist is somewhat limited. Feet are completely molded to the leg and have no articulation.


G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary

This includes 5 specially boxed figures (Action Soldier, AA Action Soldier, Action Pilot, Action Marine, and Action Sailor) and 2 mail-away figures (Joseph Colton Green Beret and Arctic Joseph Colton). The Arctic Joseph Colton was issued when demand for the original Green Beret Colton far outweighed the supply long before the mail-away offer ended.


WWII 50th Anniversary Figures

These are Hall of Fame bodies. Two versions of AA (light & dark).


G.I. Joe Classic Collection

Much improved body and articulation from Hall of Fame.


G.I. Joe Masterpiece Edition

Reproduction G.I. Joe as Target exclusive toy store release.


G.I. Joe Timeless Collection

Reproduction G.I. Joe as exclusive toy store releases. Store chains usually include FAO Schwartz, Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and KB Toys.


Adventures of G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe returns again with life-like hair for the 35th Anniversary. Also incudes painted hair adventure figures (police, fire).


G.I. 2005

Hasbro drops the Classic Collection title and returns to just G.I. Joe. The helmet logo returns to the original vintage symbol (action soldier with camo netting on helmet). Product is divided into varying price point categories (Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot). Also begins introducing new action figures (grenade throwing Marine, pistol shooting Coast Guard, etc.). A portion of the new G.I. Joe line include low price point ($14.99) basic carded figures. Late in 2000 and early 2001, an even lower price point figure ($9.99) enter the market. In 2001 the line also introduces a much more articulated figure.


G.I. Joe Foreign Soldiers Collection

Hasbro braves the world of political correctness by introducing such controversial figures as the WWII Panzer Tank German and WWII Japanese Officer soldiers. This series is a part of the G.I. Joe Collection in the previous category and sees the first introduction of a smaller hand.


G.I. Joe Double Duty

Hasbro replaces the G.I. Joe 2010 series with this series in 2001. This year also marks the 1st time in 20 years that GI Joe advertising returns to television.


G.I. Joe Pearl Harbor Collection

Hasbro introduces the Pearl Harbor Collection in the spring/summer of 2001. The carded figures introduce the new Hasbro GUNG-HO grip. This is a new hand style with moveable fingers – trigger finger separate from remaining 3 fingers and non-movable thumb. Boxed figures also featured the GUNG-HO grip, but also featured the new Hasbro articulated body style similar to Ultimate Soldier’s Super Soldier body. Television advertising begins in May 2001.


G.I. Joe Adventure Team Collection

Hasbro re-introduces the GI Joe Adventure Team with the “Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb” figure in late 2001.


G.I. Joe Gungo-Ho Grip & Improved Articulation

Hasbro introduces the GUNG-HO grip first on carded figures. A new articulated body design is also added and soon all boxed figures have Gung-Ho grip and the new body design.


Reintroduction of G.I. Kung-Fu Grip

Hasbro reintroduces its classic Kung-Fu grip on the Adventure Team Danger of the Depths figure.


40th Anniversary Figure

Hasbro reintroduces its vintage figure using new tooling and molds. Although the 40th anniversary figure sets are under the Timeless Collection banner, the head is more appropriately sized unlike the original Timeless Collection figures and sculpted from various styles of vintage heads (pin heads, soft heads, hard heads, etc).


Voice FX Figures

Hasbro introduces its first talking figures using a new realistic moving mouth. The voice alternated between speaking and shouting depending upon the amount of force applied to the talk button. There was some limited articulation – head and wrists swivel only. Only two figures were produced – Talking Duke and a Marine Squad Leader (Caucasian and African American versions).


SECOND DARK AGES 12″ GI Joe Dies Again

The year 2005 marked the death of 12″ GI Joe yet again due to decreasing sales. The new GI Joe, now 8″, was called Sigma-6. The 12″ GI Joe figure would only be produced via exclusives such as those produced by the GI Joe Collector’s Club.


Super Vintage GI Joe

The GI Joe Collector’s Club developed the super vintage figure and released it for the first time as the 2006 convention figure. This figure featured a re-tooled vintage style head designed to fit the neck post of the super articulated modern figure.




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